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    TPN in Fall of 1997

    What is The Payne Network?

    The Payne Network (TPN) is nothing more than a collaboration of hardware I had laying around with no use for. Many of my friends host web pages on TPN or simply use it for their e-mail. Others use the archives and daily updated mirrors on TPN to install Linux.

    Despite the fact that TPN is associated with a "com" domain name, TPN is not a company. Commercial use of TPN is strictly prohibited. TPN can best be described as a non-profit organization which exists to make computer resources available to aide in school activities here at OSU. For this reason, we have made Matlab available to ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) majors (in cooperation with ECE) with accounts on TPN.

    What is the history behind it?

    As I had a fair ammount of experience as a system administrator comming into college, I decided to put it to use. At that time the university's mainframe was running abnormally slow. Many of my friends who were only able to check their mail using the mainframe were complaining that they did not have a good, stable machine to store their mail on. So in november of 1997 I started work. By december I had purchased the domain name "" and started giving out accounts.

    Where is it located?

    The Payne Network is located in an Oregon State University dorm room in beautiful Corvallis Oregon.

    Who uses it?

    Currently all of the users on TPN are students and staff of Oregon State University. Usually people who have accounts on other university machines, but for some reason (small disk quota's, speed, reliability) chose to use another host for their e-mail or web-pages. The university policy dictates that only members of the university can have access to university resources (the network in this case). This is the reason all of the users must be from Oregon State. TPN currently has 84 users.

    If you are a student or staff person of Oregon State University and would like an account on The Payne Network, sign up for an account here.

    To find out who accesses The Payne Network. See our usage graphs updated hourly.

    Why did you call it TPN?

    After consulting with my frieds a little, we all came to the decision that it would have my last name in it (Payne). We threw around ideas for a few more weeks, and we finally agreed on The Payne Network. The next logical step was to get a domain name that somehow resembled this. After searching for the available domains on the InterNIC we came up with The rest is history.

    The Payne Network
    1999 © Andy Payne
    TPN is a non-profit organization.
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